Grand daughter and POA being paid

I am my grandmothers POA. I have been doing most her care for the last 6 months. Once we move her closer to me, hopefully within the next few weeks, I will be doing her everyday care. As POA I have full control of her finances and health care. My mom, her daughter, wants me to be paid. My grandma often makes comments that she should be paying me, she is not cognitive enough to understand her finances. I have been doing all this so far with my own finances and she lives an hour away. The time I am spending away from my own family is equivalent to a job but I am actually loosing money. I can justify being paid but I feel bad. I wanted to know if I legally can pay myself with her finances? She is financially sound and once we sell her house I have no worries that she wont have enough to care for herself for the rest of her life. I love caring for her so I feel guilty wanting to be paid but after her and my mom making many comments I decided to look and see if it was even possible.