My Life is Like a Box of Kleenex

My sisters usually pick my Mom up for a period of time each Saturday and Sunday, which is wonderful for all of us. Of course, with mom feeling so bad, she has been staying here. It is absolutely fine and I honestly feel better about it because she has been so close to falling while she has been feeling poorly. Last night, my sister who takes Mom on Sundays, messaged me and said that maybe it was better if Mom stayed with me today since she (my sister) and her husband were coughing. She didn’t want Mom to get whatever they had. AsI pulled another tissue out of the box to blow my Rudolph-red nose for the umpteenth time and listened to mom hacking, I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. Really??? We wouldn’t want to expose her to a cough? I am so grateful that I am past the frustrated stage with my sisters and able to smile when they say something like that or don’t “get it” about the challenges for a caregiver. I just pulled another Kleenex out of the box and moved on.

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